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Randy Gonzalez is a professional law enforcement administrator, investigator,
instructor, and educational consultant
 who is available to assist on a variety of
criminal justice training and informational matters.

In addition, he is also an author and college professor who is presently involved in lecturing, researching and writing about both fiction and non-fiction subject areas.

Randy Gonzalez is a former private detective, police officer, police academy director and police chief, with over 35 years
of professional experience.

Training Materials Developed and Written
by Randy Gonzalez

1.  Crime Prevention Through Environmental  Design:  An
Outline For Physical Security Planning In the Institutional

2.  Crime Prevention And Physical Security  Planning:  A
Basic Guide For Physical Security Surveys

3.  Environmental Security Planning:  An  Introduction  To
Crime  Prevention - Physical  Security  Planning  Through

4.  Sexual Assault Prevention: An  Introduction  To  Basic

5.  Date   Rape:   A     Basic   Guide   For  Developing  A
Community Program

6.  Introduction To Defensive Tactics For Women

7.  Campus Residence Hall  Physical  Security  Planning

8.  Surviving Sexual Assault On Campus

9.  Physical Security Planning For Office Equipment
And Audiovisual Property

10. Basic Business Security Planning

11. Business    Security    Planning    For    The   Retail

12. Travel and  Vacation  Safety  and  Security  Planning

13. Physical Security Planning For Executive Protection
- A Basic Guide

14. Social Survival Tactics-A Guide to Basic SelfDefense
And Personal Safety Strategy

15. The  Homeowners  Crime  Prevention  And  Physical
Security Planning Guide

16. Crime  Prevention  For  Children:  A Basic Guide For
Parents in Developing A  Personal  Safety  Strategy  For

17. Developing Crime Prevention And Physical Security
Planning Programs For The College And University

18. Introduction to Physical Security Planning In The
Hotel Setting

19. Hospital Security Planning Survey Manual

20. Developing Physical Security Regulations and
Guidelines for the Community Planning Process

21. Crimes Against Property-Basic Investigative
Concepts and Procedures for Patrol Officers

22. Human Diversity Training for Crime Justice

23. Selected Physical Security and Crime Prevention
Planning Checklists

24.  Organization, Design and Management of the
Police Crime Prevention Unit

25.  A Basic Guide To Physical Security Planning
for Museums

26.  Security Planning for Government Buildings and
Public Facilities and Personnel

27.  Introduction to Courtroom Demeanor and

28.  An Introduction to Ethics and Professionalism
in Law Enforcement

29.  Introduction to Law Enforcement Leadership
and Supervision

30.  Introduction to Law Enforcement: The Practical
Side of Criminology

31.  Law Enforcement Vehicle Pullovers

32.  Leadership Principles of the Christian Warrior

33.  The Basics of Organized Crime for Law Enforcement

34.  The Law Enforcement Supervisor's Leadership
Field Notebook

35.  Law Enforcement Tactics In Response To Terrorism

36.  Psycho-Sleuth Criminal Behavior Assessment

Current Research Articles

"Business Security Planning in the Office Environment"
"Travel Security: Planning A Safe & Secure Trip"
"Developing A Physical Security Panning Checklist
for Computer Operations"
"Social Survival Tactics: Developing A Personal Safety
"Acquaintance Rape: Developing A Personal Safety
"The Basics of Physical Security Planning in the
Hotel Setting"
"The Nature of Crime and the Possibility of Solutions"
"A Basic Guide to Physical Security Planning for
"School Security Planning: A Checklist for Facility and
Equipment Protection:
"Personal Security and Terrorism"
"Evil - The Mind's Way of Getting Even"
"Workplace Violence Prevention Planning" 
"Criminal Profiling & the Magic of the Fashion Police"
"School Safe - Sex & Security"
"Sensuality of Criminal Behavior"
"Why Do People Commit Crimes"
"Crime Control Strategies-Myth, Magic and Metaphor"
"Sex Crimes - Personal Responsibility for Criminal Behavior"
"Movie Magic - The Gothic Depiction of Criminal Behavior"
"Bite Mark Evidence - Indented Dental Depressions"
"Where have all the Leaders gone?"
"Crypto-Criminology – The Gothic Nature of Crime"
"Campus Security – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance"
"Classes, Cops and Crime: Protecting the Campus Commons"
"The Craftiness of Criminality"
"Criminal Profiling: Fact or Fantasy?"
"Why Kids Kill Kids"
"Psychic Detectives & Criminal Profilers: Are They Solving More Crimes?"
"Forensic Theology: Ideological Threat Assessments"
"Serial Killer" Mythology and Social Seduction"
"Fundamentalist Terrorism: An-Ideology of Nihilistic Sexuality"
"Has the Quality of Leadership Vanished?"
"Zombie Effect - Devolution of the Human Species"
"Shadowy Figments Inside the Mind - Darkness in Necrospace"
"Cybercriminals - Cowardly Thugs Hiding Behind Computer Screens"
"Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series One – An Introduction"
"Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Two - Being A leader"
"Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Three - Leadership Command"
"Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Four - Exemplifying Leadership"
Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Five – Leadership Presence
Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Six – Leadership Expressiveness
Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Seven
Knowing, Doing and Being a Leader
Leadership Principles of the Warrior - Series Eight
Compassion for Justice - Fairness
"Poisonous Leadership (Toxic Leaders)"
"Necrospace - Dream-Death - Dreamscape Liberation"
"The Murder Mindset - An Overview Murderous Mitigations"
"Murder Mystique in Magincal Thinking Parst 1 & 2"
Human Devolution and the Failure to Self-Evolve
Cultic Illusions as Hope Springs Eternal (Declining Culture)
Human Devolution and the Failure to Self-Evolve Part 2

Security Planning Information Checklists
And Safety Template Sample Formats

 1.   Basic Business Security Planning - Burglary and 
       Robbery Prevention Checklist & Brochure Sample;
 2.   Physical Security Planning Survey Checklist for
 3.   Physical Security Survey Outline - A basic self-help
       planning guide;
 4.   Confidential Site Evaluation For for Security Planning
       A Do-it-Yourself Guide;
 5.   Police Security Audit for Buildings - A general overview 
       guide for security/safety planning;
 6.   Audit Background Information Form - For use in basic
       planning principles of security surveys;
 7.   Suspect I.D. and Reporting Incidents to the Police - A
       basic guideline brochure;
 8.   Checklist for Personal Security in the Campus 
       Residence Hall setting - brochure guide;
 9.   Sexual Assault Prevention - Developing A Personal
       Safety Strategy - brochure guidelines;
 10.  Date Rape - Developing A Prevention Strategy 
       Checklist - Basic guidelines and planning outline;
 11.  Date Rape - Developing A Prevention Strategy
       brochure for informational guidelines;
 12. Crime Prevention Program Development Checklist
       to assist with planning and programming;
 13.  Operation I.D. for Property Protection
       a basic brochure for planning purposes;
 14.  Basic Security Inventory for Contents of the Home
       a basic brochure for planning purposes;
 15.  Residential Security Planning Checklist
       a basic outline guide for home security planning;
 16.  Basic Security Planning for Apartments,
       Condominiums and Mobile Homes;
 17.  Travel Security Planning Guide 
       a basic brochure for planning personal safety;
 18.  Boating Safety and Security Planning 
       a basic brochure for planning safety and security;
 19.  The Bicycle I.D. and Bicycle Security Tips
       a basic brochure for security planning;
 20.  Vehicle Security Tips and Vehicle I.D. Record
       a basic brochure for security planning;
 21.  Physical Security Planning Checklist for Computer
       Facility Operations - A basic set of guidelines;
 22.  A Basic Planning Checklist for Robbery Prevention
       and Risk Analysis Guidelines;

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International Network of Christian Martial Arts
Human Devolution
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Warrior Leadership#5
International Police Association Website
Cultic Illusions

About Dr. Randy Gonzalez

     For over 35 years, Randy Gonzalez has been an active member of the criminal justice community.  He is a certified law enforcement instructor in various criminal justice topic areas, including legal studies, defensive tactics, police tactical driving, firearms, human diversity, first responder, interpersonal communication skills, as well as ethics, leadership and professionalism. 
     As a practitioner of the martial arts for over 35 years, Randy Gonzalez also teaches personal safety and self-defense courses. And, he is the former director of a police academy and chief of police. Dr. Gonzalez serves as a professor of criminology and has taught at the university, college and adult-vocational levels for the past 35 years.
An author of numerous training publications, journal articles,
essays, short stories and novels, Dr. Gonzalez holds 
 B.A. and M.A. degrees in Criminology, an M.P.A. in Public Administration, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies.  

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Randy Gonzalez is available for
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Samples of Previously Published Non-Fiction 
Professional Journal Articles

  • "Campus Law Enforcement Supervisors Workshop: First Line Supervisors"
  • "The Timely Art of Self-Defense"
  • "Environmental Security Planning"
  • "South Florida Reward Program Encourages Student Student Cooperation"
  • "Measuring Success - Citizen Involvement In Crime Prevention"
  • "Developing the Physical Security Survey"
  • "How to Keep Costly Equipment Handy Bust Safe from Thieves"
  • "Are Your Students At Risk"
  • "Physical Security Planning: Law Enforcement Involvement in Community Growth"
  • "Physical Security Planning and Law Enforcement"
  • "Date Rape: When Courtship Becomes A Crime"
  • "The Basics of Home Security Planning"
  • "Rape and Assault on Campus - The Stranger..."
  • "How High Is Your Hotel's Security Quotient?"
  • "School Safety and Security Management"
  • "Law Enforcement Involvement in the Community Planning Process"
  • "Law Enforcement Training for the 21st Century"
  • "Leadership-A Special Quality of Human Nature"
  • "Personal Saftey Issues-Developing A Tactical Mindset"
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Sexuality in Criminality

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Morality, Malevolence & Mortality

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